My Blog

Welcome to my page RaveetaWrites.

I work as a freelance writer, playwright, arts researcher, project manager and documentary filmmaker in the creative industries. Invested in topics addressing the arts and literature, on-screen representation, inequity, economy, culture, race, caste, and social identities through creative expression, I draw upon broad areas of research and knowledge in my profession and creative work and my blogs are a reflection of that.

I co-wrote, edited and stage directed a play called Jugni – the female firefly which was performed and filmed at the Old Fire Station in Oxford in May 2021. This theatre production is a part of the SLANGUAGES research project led by Oxford University and Birmingham City University. In June 2022 the Jugni script was published with producer and directors notes by SLANGUAGES followed with a book launch held at Birmingham City University. You can access a free pdf copy of the book here.

I delivered written work and publicly spoke for DSMN (Diaspora Screen Media Network). My work looked at on-screen media representations and the evolving world of digital media and influencer culture.

Commissioned blogs for DSMN and SLANGUAGES are found on this site.

In 2022 I filmed, co-edited and co-produced an anthology of short documentary films for the India-UK Creative Industries at 75 project as a ‘screen industries’ colleague based in the UK. The documentary films can be viewed here.

For enquiries seeking commissioned or collaborative work please email me at